Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Audio Capture

Since this seems to be the topic of the week, I might as well create a new post and share some news with you. A whole bunch of you have been asking for the soundtracks for a couple of Vantage demos. And it seems like some of you are not much for waiting. :D Anyway, I just captured the soundtracks for "A Simple Way" and "3 Cows Ahead" [click to download]. As for how I did it, well "3 Cows Ahead" is an avi so it's a simple matter of an audio extraction. However, I tried a whole bunch of extractors and played around with whatever options available, but the result is never perfect for some reason. Specially the beginning of this one sounds far from what you hear on the avi. Keep in mind the fact that I'm no audio expert anyway. :"> So if you know of an extractor which could do a better job, please let me know. "A Simple Way" was of course a different story. I came across this demo capturing software called "kkapture 0.01" a while ago (on pouet.net BBS). It's an easy to use application which does a pretty darn impressive job capturing both the audio and the video. So I used this to capture an avi of the demo, and then did the same mp3 extraction. The resulting audio quality is rather good. So...enjoy, and I'd certainly appreciate any bits of technical info that you might wanna throw at me. :>

Update: Wheee! Amoivikos [amv] of ASD has just posted a comment containing some very interesting information regarding a number of great scene tracks. Check it out! Always the best info, does this guy rule or what? :)

Update: Sorry guys, there is no full version of the "3 Cows Ahead" soundtrack. It was never finished.

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