Saturday, September 02, 2006
Second Demo Display [Report In Progress, Part 6 Posted]

A Simple Way by Vantage was another demo to bring up some controversy. Some very much liked it, some very much didn't. Now if you're one of those who liked it, then we're on the same page. But if you're one of those who didn't, well then I'd like you to enlighten me a bit: What was it about this demo that you didn't like? I do remember some guys saying that they were bored. But that's as much as I could gather. The positive side seemed to have a lot to say though. This demos is....well....simple as the name depicts. An easy going /relaxing design with calming colors, put together with a fantastic sound track and some interesting lyrics, "demonstrating" the concept of beauty within simplicity. So explain to me, why did some of you look like you wanted to shoot me for being a bit Vantified? :P
You are going our way now,
Our way is simple,
We like going our way,
Because our way is simple,
It is,
A simple way.

I guess you could say that my fellow Elec Engeez got quite a treat this time around, given that there were at least 3 demos related to their field in this show. The very directly related one was Electric Kool-Aid by Synesthetics. The whole demo is displayed through an oscilloscope tube, what else could we possibly ask for? huh? But this electrifying demo didn't just make the EE posse happy, it actually managed to make everyone happy! The super cool design and general atmosphere of this demo was exciting for the whole crowd. It seems like there are not many Synesthetics demos out there, well I hope that we'll see more from these guys in the future.

Update: Guys I don't have the soundtrack for "A Simple Way" in s seperate file. If it's out there, I'm yet to find it. If you find it, I want it too!

[End of part 6]

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