Monday, February 26, 2007
5 Facts About Me!

Having been ridiculously busy in the past week or so, I hadn't found the time to check out my favorite blogs. Now that I finally stole the time to do some reading, I figured that Optimus has passed on a kind of a pyramidoid game to me, where you basically write down 5 things about you that your readers might not already know. Hmmm ok, then I guess I'm not gonna write stuff like I'm into electronics or I listen to tons of music. Hmmmmm.... what am I gonna write... lets see. =)

1 - I tend to remember stuff, and I mean that in a bit of an unusual way. The details of everything that happens to me, everything I hear, everything I see or smell or taste... I remember everything in details, no matter how long later you ask me about it. I have clear memory of my childhood, even very early stages. Even if there's something that I don't remember right away, if I sit down and concentrate on it for a few minutes, I can recall the whole thing with high-def picture and surround sound. Now this thing, is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing aspect of it is ... well... memorizing stuff, very handy while studying... specially when I'm studying something like a new language or so... or remembering the lines of the books I read [and well I read plenty] .. or remembering the sound track for every single movie I see [lol =P]. Oh well, it's a useful thing. Hoowwwever, the curse aspect comes in when I'm dealing with memories that I don't like to remember!! I mean naturally it happens for everyone, events that one might not really like, dark memories... stuff that most people tend to send to the recycle bin of their mind. No such luck for me, I have the carry the whole thing for... well.. basically forever.

2 - I'm an optimist. I believe in the bigger image and the higher force, and I believe that everything happens for a good reason. I've had a life full of events... full of ups and downs, and I have came to believe that I may or may not see the reason for what happens right away, but in time I will. And when I see that... somehow it's always for the best.

3 - I LUV LEGO. =) I've always loved LEGO, ever since I was a kid I was deeply into it, and even now... I seem to only get more and more interested. =)) I like to sit down and put together the pieces and bits for hours and hours and hooooooooours, and design my perfect spaceship or submarine or robot or a little tech city full of... well... all mentioned. =)) Some people say that's because I'm a logical thinker... or engie student... or she-nerd. =)) I donno.... that may be.... but I just love the total peace of mind it gives me. And of course I do enjoy playing with others!! =)))

4 - If someone asks me where I'm from, I usually say that I'm Persian. From Iran, that is. Because I was born and raised there. However, if you want to break it down to the genetics, then it gets a bit more complicated than that. And I mean... very... complicated. =)) Here's a list of where I'm genetically from [as in, where my parents routes] , the higher in the list has the bigger part:
- Welsh
- Persian
- Azeri
- Indian
- Turkish
- Russian
Addition: My friend insists that I should add that I'm also considered a Canadian now, having lived here for a while... and the citizenship and everything. Well, one more for the list. =)))

5 - In my entire life, I've fallen in love only once, and it's been the most precious gift in the whole existence. Thank you for everything, Oli. =) <3 <3 <3

Well, that's my 5 facts. =) Now I'm supposed to pass this on to 5 other people, and that's not gonna be easy, because apparently some people like writing something like this, and some don't. Well I'm not gonna pass this directly to anyone, I'm just gonna say this to everyone who's reading this article: Write the 5 facts if you like to, and let me know if you do so! =D

Update: Well it seems like so far 2 people have managed to write the 5 facts. =) Check them out:
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