Monday, February 18, 2008
Zine #13 Headlines Intro Released!

Last night I was notified that the Zine #13 headlines has been released! This intro which has been created by ASD, Brainstorm and Bitfellas gives you a general idea as to what you can expect to read in the upcoming Zine issue, but that sure is not all that it offers! The modeling of this intro has been done by Navis, and the music has been created by aMUSiC, which mean that YES, there is an ASD mini demo here that you really don't want to miss. =) The intro looks quite similar to the "Beyond The Walls Of Eryx" that was created for last year's Intel demo competition. And well you see, it has mini robots. And I guess I've already made it clear how I feel about mini robots. =D Wee! I have to mention that aMUSiC has definitely done it again with the superb music. As for the headlines, honestly I couldn't read every single word of it. But from what I was able to get out of it, seems like Zine #13 is going to be quite a ride, as was the case with #12. Hey, I know that you know what I'm talking about because almost everyone reading this blog had checked out the "Life Force Development Journal". ;) So, I'm very much looking forward to reading the upcoming issue. Meanwhile, don't forget to check out the intro!

I know some of you guys have problems running the intro or reading the text. I'm still looking for a video version or the pure text for the headlines, but so far no luck. I tried capturing it myself, didn't work out too well. I will definitely let you know as soon as I find something.
On the other hand, some guys seem to have problems seeing the page for the intro. Well, not surprisingly I also have the same problem. I have not been able to see any pages on for half a year now! I think it's a problem with our beloved provider the bloody Rogers with their perfect DNS system. [Did I mention I bloody hate Rogers?] Instead I use and that works just fine. So the working link would be this one. Or you can download it directly from the ASD website with this link.
And yes, something weird had happened to some of the comments while re-publishing this article and they were showing up in the wrong place. I've fixed that and moved the comments back here.

Well well, ladies and gentlemen who couldn't run the demo or read the text, worry no more! =D We've been saved by Genox^Vantage^Calodox a.k.a my Other Half, as he has just captured a video of the intro. You can download it from here:

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