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Nowadays, it seems that there are more weblogs on the net than anything else. Weblogs of all sorts, for all topics and purposes, with all the various looks and designs that they have. Or.. do they? Well, not really! Honestly it seems most weblogs these days are somehow the same, design-wise, that is. Blog templates are pretty repetitious, and well maybe I'm a bit of a visual person, but I would like it better if the text and the looks have something to do with each other... if the blog is supposedly the reflection of the persons mind, isn't it a good idea if the blog template is too? At least to some extent? Anyhow, I've had a lot of people telling me that my weblog looks somewhat "unusual" or "different than what's out there". Well, if you think my blog is different, wait till you see the new template of! Just check it out... now this is what I call difference. =)
Is any of you guys reading this blog into comic books? Well, I am! I can't say that I'm reading them all the time, but every once in a while I just like to drown myself in some good comics. That being said, lately I came across a 3 volume comic set of a certain genre that I don't read just thaaaat often. But hey, I found these ones pretty interesting! The comics are called "Lazarus", and they're about a guy who is on the run after a horrible experience... it's a bit of a painful and horror-like story, created by Diego Cortes and Juan E. Ferreyra. So if you're into comic books, check this one out.
On yet another completely different note, I just put together an FLV demo video collection in my gallery [viewable on the web]. The collection, which is not that large yet, is mainly for "demonstration" purposes. The idea was basically handed to me by some of the folk attending the demoshows, saying that it would be nice to have an easy/quick way of showing what you mean by "demos" when you're talking to somebody about them. Specially if it's such that you don't have to search YouTube for some good demos, when you don't know many names! So there ye go! =) And yes, I am planning on expanding the collection, and do drop me a line if you have some videos to add to this.

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