Sunday, August 14, 2011
Pictures of the August 1st Celebrations

So it took a tad long for me to sort through the load of photos me and Genox took from the Swiss National Day [1st of August] fireworks. But it's finally done, and you can check out a selection here in this album.

It was a quite a lovely day, starting with a good load of BBQ and ending with possibly the most exquisite fire works I've ever seen up close. And I'm not putting that lightly. We were on the top of a heal in Niederwil, so that we had a good view to all the surrounding houses and farms. It seems like the people of Switzerland make it very much their personal business [and not necessarily a government responsibility, as it is often the case in Canada for instance] to make the 1st of August celebrations as shiny as possible. Basically, every single house in the vicinity had their own fireworks, some of which were really really amazing. So imagine standing on a top of heal, in the middle of a circle of fireworks, quite a few of which put the Y2K fireworks to shame. Huge colourful glow raining on you from all directions. You try to catch everything with your eyes... and more than a few times I came very close to falling down backwards... It was completely insane and truly awesome.

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