Tuesday, September 28, 2004

My mind is all over the place @ the moment. There are reasonz why I haven't been writing much lately, believe me! Besidez the fact that I've been getting 3/24 hourz of sleep, and I have no idea what'z been happening to the remaining 21, I've been experiencing some mental challengez az well! (yeah...like I don't alwayz...!) No really, this one'z bothering me. I feel like I've disrespected my own sense of sensibility (if that'z even a correct English sentence!). I think for a fraction of a second I actually believed....I believed in something that was obviously a 100% bogus, and now I'm still paying for it.If u haven't got it by now, I'm talking about that Ahura guy and all his colorful speeches about his mission & bla bla woof woof.....This guy put his finger on quite a sensitive point & he successfully played a large number of people....& although I was one of the generally non-believersz, now that everything'z over I feel like there'z a hole inside of me.....maybe it'z where hope used to be.... @ least for a very short while.....

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