Friday, April 25, 2008
Esperanto Resources

Kool Update: I just received an email from, and guess what, the DVD is back! =) It's available again on their website for download, and this time it's 1 self-extracting package [making lifes easeir]. They also have some other neat collections to download, including an Esperanto resource CD and a very nice book collection. They torrents are also seeded again, so do check them out: Esperanto CD [Lingua Incognita] , Esperanto Books .

A while ago, while digging for useful resources to help me improve my Esperanto skills, I came across It's a very useful website containing all sorts of interesting articles and resources in Esperanto. One of the very cool items I found on their website was this Esperanto Elektronike DVD, which is a collection of cources, vidoes, esperanto wiki, books, music, and everything you might ever need for practicing Esperanto. They were offering the DVD content as free download which was fantastic. Now the problem is that they no longer have the option of downloading the package from their website, mainly because of the huge size of it I would guess. They are distributing the package now through torrents, but the problem is that this torrent is never really seeded nowadays. The other problem is that although the package is not thaaaaaaat huge [something more than 2GBs], but the number of files in it is completely insane. There are too many small information pages and such included. The total number of files is something more than a million. So even if somebody does download it, it's a pain to unzip and manage on one's hard drive. Since the content of the DVD is pretty much organized in some sort of an offline website, I figured it would be better for everyone, including myself and anyone else who might want to use this resources but not really be able or willing to download and manage them, if I just put the whole thing online. So now if you go to, you can access the unzipped version of the package as a sort of a website. Pain to upload it this way [as I couldn't unzip 7z on my host, and re-zipping was out of the question], but now it's pretty simple to use. So if you're into learning Esperanto, check it out! =)

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