Wednesday, May 07, 2008
Iranians forced to register their websites? What in the heavens name is this?

As probably obvious by the title, I'm currently somewhat confused and you could even call it somewhat ticked off. Last night a Persian speaker friend of mine sent me a link to an article in a Persian weblog that he found amusing. Well honestly the article itself didn't take as much of my attention as the little banner on the corner of the page did. Yes, it's similar to the one I've posted here. I had a feeling that I had seen the same banner before on possibly another Persian weblog. I clicked on the banner and was directed to THIS website, where I got a bit of an explanation as to what's cooking, and I also found the link to THIS OTHER website, where I got the complete and full version story.
So, as far as my understanding is, this is what's going on. The 2nd website is the homepage for an Iranian government organization who's name translates to something in lines of "The Iranian Website Classification Organization". To make the long story short, this organization's soul purpose is to classify and register all the websites or weblogs owned by Iranians, so that [obviously] they can take their nasty acts of censorship and harassment of the Iranian internet users to it's next, simpler step. The organization's expectation is for every single Iranian domain owner to go ahead and hand them all information about their websites, weblogs and whatever other sort of online identity that they have, which in turn will make it a lot simpler for the Iranian government to either annihilate whatever online content they don't find to their liking, or make them inaccessible from Iran. How bloody bizarre is that? I wonder who's unholy idea this is, to take away the smallest peace of freedom of speech that may be left through the internet, using this new, enhanced and completely idiotic tactic? And I really do mean idiotic: what on earth makes them fancy that people will just go through with this? Hence the first website I mentioned, and the banner.... that's the big "NO" for the answer. Thank you very much!
But you know what bakes my noodles even more? Just out of pure curiosity I had a look around the organization's website and came across their website registration form. And guess what. It's applicable to Iranians everywhere, not just in Iran [you can select whatever country you're in]. Yeah. Bloody right. I wonder how far they think they're going to get with that one....

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Anonymous Janice said...

Holy Jeez! And what happens if they don't? What if they don't register? Can they find out? What happens then? :O

7 May 2008 19:32:00  
Blogger genox said...

This is basically killing everything the web stands for. I don't think Tim Berners-Lee had this in mind. Another sad example of how technology can be misused.

By what you say, it seems like they could use the registration data to install a huge proxyserver only allowing government approved websites to be browsed.. or so. Makes it much easier for them to filter content. Together with a keyword filter, you're all set for total data flow control to a whole country. This is ridiculous. Jeez.

7 May 2008 20:42:00  
Anonymous Soren said...

Ah hell. I believe you and Genox already said what I had in mind. This is yet another good example of 1984ism.

7 May 2008 21:22:00  
Anonymous Connor said...

wow. Isn't that smart [!].

7 May 2008 21:46:00  
Anonymous Kevin said...

Ok so I guess what genox says answers the question of "what happens to the websites that don't get submitted". I suppose they will be censored.

7 May 2008 22:31:00  
Anonymous George said...

Would be neat to see that website get hacked (I mean the 2nd website of course).

7 May 2008 22:36:00  
Anonymous Davy said...

Are they for real?

8 May 2008 06:02:00  
Anonymous Oana said...

Just when I thought internet censorship won't get any weirder. So the next step is what? Is it really going to be the case that only approved websites are allowed in? What about the rest of the world websites?

8 May 2008 19:09:00  
Anonymous liam said...

It's interesting that the 1st website is actually talking about google bombing for the world "censorship" as far as I got out of it. That's a nifty idea.

8 May 2008 20:14:00  
Anonymous Anny said...

Yeah but is it gonna do any good? Like their pride gets hurt if they get "accused" of internet censorship.

8 May 2008 21:05:00  
Anonymous lee said...

This is really really scary.

9 May 2008 01:54:00  
Blogger فرزاد said...

آسمون جان سپاسگزارم منو به کوول وب لاگت اضافه کردی ، در ضمن جدا از مطالب خوبی که در وب لاگت داری ، من از طراحی و استراکچر سايتت خوشم می ياد ، خيلی با حاله ، آفرين دخترم

10 May 2008 08:10:00  
OpenID Aasemoon said...

@ Farzad: Thanks a lot for your kind note. =) Glad you like this blog.

11 May 2008 01:22:00  

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