Sunday, May 14, 2006

Something's terribly wrong with me today! I've been debugging the simplest mere extension circuit for hours now and I still can't get it to work! All bloody analog...nothing fancy. Now I have a blown up op-amp & 2 burnt finger tips, and after looking around for God knows how long I just realized that I have a reversed zener-d and for some reason I just couldn't see it. Golly...I'm quite sure there are a few more of "that" type of problems laying around staring at me right now. I should probably leave it for least for a few hours.
As for World Cup frenzy....well I'm still pretty ticked off over Iran's pathetic [for one kind word] performance in the game vs. Mexico. I've received all sorts of lectures on why things happened the way they happened and why this was to be expected....not like they make me feel any better. England's team however has so far done well....& my fave match so far was the Ghana vs. Italy game. One hell of a game that one.
And as for my Greek language's going fine, thanks for asking! :) I mean it's going as fine as it can possibly go given the conditions! It's funny how everything tends to sound 180˚ different than what I would expect according to the alphabet basics. My search for "living resources" is still "on going"...... On the plus side, teaching Persian to my German friend is going pretty smooth.
Now only if I could figure how this thing is supposed to sound like......:P

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