Monday, June 02, 2008
Intel Demo Competition 2008

As you may have already noticed through my twine feed, the IDC 2008 final competing teams have been selected, and the application demos are now available to watch through the IDC website. Similar to previous years: 5 teams, 5 fantastic demos, and 1 heck of a dilemma when it comes to voting, which you can do as of the end of June. =) The competing teams this year are Cocoon, Fairlight & TBL, MFX, Inque and Still.
As for how I feel about the demos, well, I really can't tell yet. I've watched each demo 3 times so far but I still have quite a few more rounds to go. But so far, I can say this, Still always has a way of making me glad I watched the demo [hence the pic!], and to top that, they brought in the duckie again! =D
I have to add that the demos are not available for downloading as of yet, but I will let you know as soon as they are. So for now, go watch some demos and enjoy!

P.S.: Does the "fat guy" in Cocoon's demo remind any of you of "Baron Vladimir Harkonnen" of Frank Herbert's "Dune"? Cause that's who he reminds me of somehow! =)

UPDATE: Well, I think Optimus' comment just confirmed my suspicion. The application demos are almost all parts of previously released demos, except for some reason [I could be very well wrong about this] the Fairlight & TBL demo seems newish! So lets just wait and see if there will be other demos popping up.

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