Thursday, August 28, 2008
ASD - Midnight Run

ASD's "Metamorphosis" was one of those demos that made us all "think" for a while. Very deep and meaningful, and also very fresh from the design point of view. "More of this please" is definitely something that I was thinking while watching that demo over and over again. Well, I guess somebody heard that, because now we can enjoy some more of that... or perhaps I should say "even better than that". =)
Yesterday I woke up pretty early in the morning to check out ASD's new demo "Midnight Run", which happens a sequel to "Metamorphosis". It's very interesting that the demo didn't only bring me back the "Metamorphosis" feeling, but I also experienced a bit of "Lifeforce" feeling too. The visuals of this demo are extremely beautiful, and the music is simply ingenious. As expected there's a ton of depth of meaning, enough to again keep us all thinking for the days to come.
You can download the demo and read the related comments here.

Afternoon Stroll lyrics by aMUSiC

In Greek:

Δέκα χιλιάδες αστέρια μπροστά μου
Γαλάζιες πινέζες κρατούν τα όνειρά μου

Στα δόντια κρατάω δύο φύλλα από δυόσμο
Τα μάτια μου κλείνω και βλέπω τον κόσμο
Με χρώματα

Ίσως είμαι..
Ακτίδα φωτός, ξεχασμένος θεός
Αέρας Σιρόκος, της Αύρας εχθρός

Ίσως έχω..
Αφήσει ένα χτύπο καρδιάς να χαθεί
Στα χέρια σου μέσα ξανά κοιμηθεί

English Translation:

Ten thousand stars in front of me
light-blue drawing pins keeping my dreams

Between my lips I hold a piece of spearmint
I close my eyes and see the world
With colors

Maybe I am..
a ray of light, a forgotten god
the air of Scirocco, Aura's enemy

Maybe I have..
Let a heart beat get lost
fallen asleep in your arms again

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