Sunday, August 02, 2009
ASD - Chameleon

ASD’s new gorgeous and painful demo called Chameleon was just released on Evoke, and it RUUUUUUUULEZ. =D And I really do mean painful. You have to watch it to know why….. You can download it from here, and read the lyrics here. Make sure you pay close attention to the music and the lyrics while enjoying the outstanding visuals. Aside from the fact that aMUSiC has done it again with an awesome tune [very 007 in my opinion this time around! ;)], the lyrics are just… priceless! ;) They add a lot to the general direction and the message of the demo. I have to say this again… I luuuuvvv the visual style of ASD’s latest 3 demos! =)

The video capture is not there yet but I will post it as soon as there is one.

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