Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Taiwanese Beef Jerky

A few days ago, a very nice Taiwanese friend of mine, Lolita, gave me a pack of Taiwanese beef jerky. Something that I had never before tried. =) At the first glance the package contents looked more or less like any other beef jerky I had ever seen before. But after I opened the package and had a taste... well, let's just say it's like nothing I've ever tasted before!! This was probably one of the bigger surprises I've ever had in terms of foreign food taste. =) Well, the Taiwanese jerky is sweet. And I mean really, truly, cake icing kind of sweet. There's also a ton of cinnamon in there, and it's generally softer than common jerky. After the initial surprise slap has worn off, I'm finding myself stealing bits from the package more and more. The taste is so unusual that keeps drawing me back. As you can see, not much of it remains now.... =P

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