Sunday, September 23, 2012

So, for a few friends of mine who are apparently keeping scores on my movie reviews... unfortunately here's another one for the "disappointed" list! Yes, sorry, I had such high hopes for this one... didn't work out! =P

Sitting down to watch this movie, I actually had no idea that this was going to have anything to do with the Alien franchise. That was probably for the best because I've never been a fan of those movies. As much as space ships, aliens and androids are very much my thing, the Alien franchise have always lacked too much on the plot side for me. [Perhaps with the exception of "Alien Resurrection".] Well, now it seems I have a very similar problem with Prometheus!

Prometheus isn't without a plot, but it's without a proper plot! The plot is like a puzzle with so many shiny pieces, put together so badly that the big picture doesn't make any sense what-so-ever. I found the whole idea of finding those cave paintings and going after the "Architects" very interesting. Seeing them actually find the remnants of the Architects et all was also very cool. "Elizabeth Shaw" deciding to go after the Architects at the end, very very cool. And there were a lot of other very interesting "pieces"... but that's the thing, the whole plot is in pieces! And these pieces neither go too well together nor with the rest of the Alien franchise that supposedly follow this one.

So a bunch of advanced aliens go around architecting new species... except once they create one that is not actually monstrous, they turn against it and decide to destroy it. And they do go about that in the most weird impractical backwards way possible. Oh, and the other handy work of theirs that's monstrous and turns against them, somehow ends up in continuing conflict with humans, whereas we basically end up not seeing anything at all about the origins of the architects in the following movies.... and that's just to bring a couple of examples.

Anyhow, I think the only way to fix this "prequel" is with a proper sequel that actually straightens a few things out and offers some answers. We'll see if that'll happen....

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