Monday, October 22, 2012
FreeNote for Android

Looking at the Android app market, it seems to me like just about every developer has at some point or the other created their own "Note" app. There are more of them than one would believe... and I can say with confidence that I've tried every single one by now. =) I was looking for a rather specific feature: The ability to handwrite / draw and type in the same page, in a well formatted nicely organized manner.
And finally I've found it. The one note app to rule them all. =D It's called "FreeNote", and I get the feeling that it will soon take over preparing breakfast for you too. You can handwrite, type, insert videos, images, to-do lists and just about anything else you can imagine. Everything about this app is customizable and there are so many features and functions that I'm not even sure I've used all of them yet. Oh, and by the way the to-do lists come with the possibility of having dates and alarms [that are now supported by Light Flow... I'll write about that later...]. So if you're an Android user, do check it out. ;)

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