Saturday, December 15, 2012
Annoying Forced Mobile Versions of Websites

Just a quick rant.

At the moment I use my Sony Android tablet more than any other gadget, and probably even more than my notebooks at times [because there is really quite a lot that the tablet is capable of]. Obviously, among the million and one things that I use the tablet for, I do a good deal of web surfing on it also.

Given that the tablet has a 9.4" screen, very often I prefer to view the full/normal version of websites rather than the mobile versions. In fact sometimes the mobile versions look rather ridiculous on a screen of that size. However since the device is essentially a mobile device and it runs mobile versions of web browsers, I'm often forced into viewing the reduced versions. Usually there is the option to switch back to normal version, but somehow it doesn't quite stick, and I'm forced back to mobile every time I go back to the homepage, change a language option or do just about anything. A good example of this are social networks like Facebook and Google+, which are currently annoying the heck out of me. And then of course there are websites that don't even have the option of switching back.... *sigh*

So is it just me, or is anyone else currently bothered by this? Does anyone else think that this is pretty much a bug that needs to be fixed rather than a feature?   

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