Friday, May 31, 2013
IoT: Zürich City Walkshop

Last week I took part in IoT Zurich's city walkshop. Put simple, we went around the city making observations about various types of sensors collecting data about people and the environment, what kind of data was being collected and how open to public access these collections of data can be.

Regardless of the fact that it was raining frogs, the walkshop was very informative and quite a lot of fun. =) We even did a bit of snooping into CCTV feeds from various stores and such… ;) Looks like Zurich is quite a smart city, but as to how accessible the data is in general…. I think some work needs to be done in that direction.

In case anyone would like to look into the rout we took, here it is. Definitely worth checking out. And here you can find everything about the walkshop.  

And here's our little group….


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