Thursday, December 12, 2013
Ensiedeln & The Christmas Market

Einsiedeln is a truly lovely little town about an hour away from Zurich, and around Christmas each year they have a rather sizely Market which attracts tourists from just about everywhere. I had never been to the town itself, so the usual suspects and I decided that we could spend a day in the town itself, and then visit the market in the evening's dark.

The town as I said is just beautiful, and of course tiny. And so we ended up walking to the nearby town of Birchli, and then to the lake Sihlsee. I really enjoyed the heavily snow-covered scenery and the lake was just dreamy! Of course we also went inside the well known Ensiedeln monastery which was quite amazing.

The market was also very pretty, and very big. Not really the best place for gift-shopping, but more for eating. ;) But I think maybe the local band should choose a different selection of songs to perform for the next year. A little less funeral-ish, maybe!

The album is here.






[And a panorama of the lake]

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