Wednesday, April 09, 2014
"Intelligence" Anyone?

Can somebody explain to me the connection between J. J. Abrams and the new CBS url[1] series "Intelligence"? Is there one?

I didn't really know much about the series [and apparently neither did anyone else in my circles] until just recently when I watched a few episodes. The series is created by "Michael Seitzman", and I can't find any kind of connection to J. J. Abrams. However when I watch the series, I can't help the feeling that I'm watching a J. J. Abrams series!!

The cast, which by the way is a brilliant assembly, includes actors/actresses who have a history of appearing in Abrams / Bad Robot productions. The plot is very Abrams-ish, and well.. I don't know how else to put it but the series just has the total Abrams feeling to it! It's just way too Abrams not to be an Abrams production! =P

So… what's up with that? Anyone has any theories? =P

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