Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Out with the Facebook apps!

So that's it, I've just removed both the Facebook app and the messenger from my Android tablet. Goodbye and good riddance.

I've simply had it with the nonsense. The main FB app is a terrible battery sucker. I have plenty of memory on my device which is why I hadn't paid attention, but it also uses uplogo-dislike-facebook-psd81960[1] faaaar too much memory. Then as of the recent versions you don't really have much of a control on what you're being fed. The feed is automatically set to show you what FB believes is most important, and you have no way of changing that. If you simply want to see the recent posts you have to specifically select a feed from the menu screen. And the list goes on.

Now of course to make things even better, FB recently decided that it wasn't enough that we have to deal with one power sucker, so instead they decided to force the users to install yet another one, in order to send and receive messages. This new app is simply useless. Half the time it doesn't give me any notification for received messages, and when it does, it's likely it won't actually show the new message [it doesn't update]. And it never shows if my message has been seen.

So at any rate, today I finally got fed-up enough to remove both from my Android device. Trillian will kindly inform me of new messages, and for everything else I'll simply use my browser. Of course for me it's more complicated than most, seeing that I don't use a cellphone and Facebook / email and few other things are my way of staying in touch with the world. So let's see how long I'll last.

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