Wednesday, March 23, 2005
1384 #1

1384....Going to school on Monday March 21st was the most painful thing to do. I'm supposed to have 13 dayz off....ah....& even worse than that was not being able to run around and say happy new year to everyone without people thinking that u've lost your mind. It was only about 1:00 PM when I got some break from all the weirdness....I saw my friend Shiba by accident & given that she'z Persian too I finally got the chance to say happy new year to someone & hear it back.....ah....what a pleasure! U think I'm sounding silly? Well u gotta believe me that'z the way it is..... It'z difficult when it'z your new year & not anyone else'z. & if I thought that was unfair...well...that was just the beginning. Apparently because of the beginning of the new year everyone & everything have decided to show me their tough side. Everyone who's had expectationz before, have tripled it now. Anyone who was tough to deal with before seemz to have gone exponential on me now. What'z with u people? Give me a break I do deserve it! Stop asking me for miraclez, I'm just a human being! Stop acting like I'm responsible for everything! Stop with the power lecturez I'm not trying to challenge anyone or "outsmart" anyone....I'm just not like that....& oh yeah stop asking me to FLY! Well....this is the beginning of 1384....God help me with the rest of it...

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