Friday, February 29, 2008

Yes yes yes, ooooook, about 50 emails so far. =) I know, I know, I swear! So yes, Zine #13 was released this morning, Europe time, which explains why I was asleep at the time it was released, so please let me wake up first and then [now] I will certainly write about it. ;)
The much anticipated 13th issue of the Zine digital magazine, as it was apparent from the headlines that were released earlier, has a great deal to offer. At the first glance, the interface is definitely one of the cutest ones I have seen, and at the same time it's very smooth and simple to use. The music selection is also a nice complement to the good looks. Of course the most important part of any magazine would be the article, and the Zine team has definitely done an excellent job with that as well. There's a wide range of articles about all things Demoscene related, and I would say that for all of your guys and gals out there who are curious about different aspects of the Demoscene, this is certainly a must read. So, go ahead and check it out!
If by any slight chance you have problem viewing the magazine, as far as I could find out from, there is going to be an online edition sooner or later. So don't worry too much.
And well, yes, that is my picture on the thumbnail. Read the magazine and you shall know why. ;)



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