Saturday, April 19, 2008

So, I turned 25 today. Actually well, it's a bit of a funny situation this year: I was born on Farvardin 31st of the Persian calendar, which is usually the same day as April 20th. So my official birthday is supposed to be on April 20th = Farvardin 31st. But this year is one of those mixed up years that Farvardin 31 = April 19th! =P So this pretty much means that I was born both today and tomorrow. [According to aMUSiC, the previous sentence is a "testament to temporal grammar": I was born both today and tomorrow! =P] So yeah, the whole thing is a bit funny. And I guess it's not even unexpected that my 25th is starting rather odd, as it's obviously going to be one of the oddest, most twisted, most exciting, most weird, most complicated, most challenging, most curious, most ... well... everything, years of my life. The start is quite fitting to what I know is coming. =} heee.... heee..... heee.... wish me luck.... O_o .... =D .... \0/ ... ?? .... heeee ........ !!&$$!#&%%@#&&%$***...

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