Monday, January 12, 2009
The "Domain Registry of Canada" Scam!

Today I received a letter that at the first few moments surprised, and then both angered and amazed the heck out of me. A scam letter, that is. The "Domain Registry of Canada" con artists have apparently decided to show me the "courtesy" of letting me know that my domain name will expire in some months, and offering me to "renew" my domain name with them, which by the way was never registered with them to start with. Of course somewhere down the line they do use the word "transfer" securely placed in the middle of a long ambiguous sentence to assure that at least a good %50 [possibly more?] of the people who receive a similar letter will never quite figure what it is that these lying b*****ds [excuse my language] are trying to manage here.

Yes, believe it or not, these people dig into your records and try to confuse you into transferring your domain name to their bloody registrar, by "explaining" to you that if you don't renew your domain name you'd no longer be holding it. And by the number of warning posts you can find on the web regarding the sodding "Domain Registry of Canada", you can tell that they probably have managed to get quite a number of domain names switched so far. So not the most brilliant trick I'd say, but apparently it hasn't been without results.

I also have to mention that just for the sake of having had my say, I called them and gave them some ideas as to what I think of them and their little trick, which of course resulted in receiving a hang up beep. And here's a sample of their letter which I found on the web. Have a look....

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