Saturday, May 16, 2009
LOST?! Very very LOST!!

Well I feel completely lost about LOST now! =P This rather famous sci-fi series which LostSeason5Poster managed to get my attention only after its mid 3rd season [due to the first seasons being rather boring in my opinion!], has now reached a place where I can’t stop wondering what in the universe is going to happen next! The series has been extremely exciting during the current season [5th], and the recent 2 hour MIND BLOWING episode has really left me hanging! I just can’t stop speculating! =D Jacob DEAD???? We finally got to see Jacob and he’s dead now? That’s just not happening! And the bomb finally went off! At this point, everything has been annihilated and I haven’t got the slightest idea how the next episode is even going to begin!

Big kudos to the producers and writers, for creating something that really gets under my skin! =) 

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