Thursday, March 05, 2009
Twine, and other entities of uncertain nature

After a number of days of severe work and no real rest, I finally lay down and close my eyes... which is when the bulk of thoughts that haven't really had the chance to find their way into my consciousness, through the maze of my chaotic mind, finally get a chance to rush in. Oh, well, much has been happening. Not all of it terribly cute and fluffy. And not really cosmic size issues… [or? =)] Well! I guess the current theme is: "Uncertainty". There are a number of things on my mind right now that I’m not quite certain about what they are, what they mean or where they’re going. Events, people, things…of an amorphous nature. Constantly changing shape… constantly bewildering me. Some of them easier to explain than the others. Here’s one….

Obviously, I love Twine. I joined Twine nearly a year ago, and as I mentioned in the article that I wrote a while back, I've been using Twine as a tool for a whole load of different purposes. A large part of my online activities altogether has been shifted to Twine, due to the fact that it has replaced various online services that I used to use. And I'm sure that most of you already know all of this, hehe. =) But I'm afraid this dearly beloved tool has been giving me quite a bit of pain in the past few months. Useful features disappearing... pages not loading... the bookmarklets not working... and so many other usability issues. Twine in general has been going backwards, and this has been a serious problem for some of us users who have grown quite dependant on it, as well as fond of it. Not to mention that one doesn't really enjoy watching what seems like the slow motioned destruction of something that one has spent a treasury of time and energy on. I'm not going to go into the details of that here... as it has already been done. Another user already took care of explaining the agony in detail, and I shared the article with my twine [Aasemoon'z Twine] resulting in this scroll of a discussion thread. Well that part is actually happy news, because we've been receiving responses from the people in charge, and apparently better days are ahead.

Being an optimist by nature, I'm bound to feel better now and wait to see the promised improvements happen in time. However, perhaps because of everything that's been happening up to the point of our explosion, I can't exactly just say ok, all is good now and no doubts remain. What I have observed, has made me uncertain. Yes, "that". I can't help thinking about ways of backing up the data I've collected on Twine and possibly transferring them into other services. Can't help looking into alternatives. I've noticed it happens automatically and  almost somewhat unconsciously. I even went far enough to have a look at Thumbtack. Can you believe that? Me looking at MS' Thumbtack. Sign of true disaster, isn't it? =P Ah well.

And the trail of uncertain things of all sizes and natures goes on forever… As usual there’s the conflict of interest between different projects… which one of these is worth my time… which of of these groups of people are going to be more pleasant to be around… which ones am I going to be more useful to… which ones I am going to learn more from… buy a VAIO again or some other brand of notebook… what exactly is it that I’m going to do for the Persian new year which is less than 20 days from now ;)…. why is it that I can’t get 2 of my friends to finally stop hating each other… shall it be Danish or French for my choice of learning a language that I’ll never use… why is this person I semi-know so confusing and shape shifting sometimes… what brand/model of synthesizer to buy for my mom… MILO or Nesquik =P…. Qucs or EWB…. and… and…. and….. and…… hmmmmm.

Of course the nice thing about uncertainty is the potential for being pleasantly surprised. I’m an optimist… I guess I’ll just have to wait and see….. =) 

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