Monday, May 18, 2009
Wolfram Alpha

So finally Wolfram’s computational knowledge engine, Wolfram Alpha, has been launched for public testing. Admittedly I had been waiting rather impatiently to try it, and now I’ve played with it quite a bit. Well, for now it can only compute answers to rather obvious and simple questions. I only hope that in time it’ll improve, since even though the ideas behind the engine are VERY intriguing [read this article by Nova Spivak for more info!], but well, it would just not be so useful if you could only ask it the size of the population of different countries.

And below is an interesting video of Wolfram Alpha going live. Posted to my twine by xo. Check it out!

On a bit of a different note, in case anyone here didn’t see this yet, make sure to watch Wolfram’s lecture on “A New Kind Of Science”. Currently reading the book… it’s quite amazing.

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