Saturday, August 15, 2009
Poseidon Oddness

So on my quest to learn some more D, I tired a few different IDEs and so far I like Poseidon best. It’s very nice and comfy to use open source IDE written with DWT. The only thing about it that gave me some trouble to start with, was that even though I had introduced the correct path to DMD and DMC, I would still get an “Wrong DMD path” as soon as I tried to compile some code. After a bunch of playing around and trying different things, I did find the solution, but I can’t say that I actually understand the “why” of it. Basically all I had to do was to not include the “bin” folder in the path. And that was that, problems solved!

I also found this little debugger called Ddbg that works nicely with Poseidon. And out of pure curiosity, I also got me this ebook. Will start reading through it soon enough.


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