Saturday, October 31, 2009
@ Iran: Shouts On The Rooftops….

Tonight I heard people shouting “death to the dictator” and “the political prisoners must be freed” on the rooftops around our building. It was the first time I was hearing it for myself… up close… And from what I hear, on the 4th of November [students day], people are going to be in the streets again….

On the other news, today I paid a visit to the “Tajrish” marketplace to shop for Persian stuff… and noticed that the place has been prettified and renovated…. but the mud on the ground is still the same… darn… somebody please do something about that! =P

Oh, I forgot to mention before…. last week we went to the new and fabulous Azadi movie theatres compound, and watched this VERY Persian movie called “The Rule Book”. I have to mention that the compound itself is worth making a movie out of. Pretty. Darn good architecture possibly the prettiest theatres compound I’ve ever seen. And I’m not putting that lightly!! As for the the movie… well… let just say that me, my mom and TanTan managed to drop more water than the Niagara Falls while watching it. Not that it’s a truly sad movie or anything… but it’s showing some of the bigger scars on the face of this society… and that’s why you end up crying…

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