Saturday, October 10, 2009
Verse News

I’ve been playing with some new options and extensions for Verse in the past few days.. and so far it looks like I’ve came up with a couple of useful new tools that I’m pretty satisfied with.

First of all, Verse pages now have a couple of “statistics” lines at the very bottom. There’s a list of contributors, and also a number of the times a page has been loaded, and the date of last edit on the page.

The edit pages now include a toolbar… exactly like the one Wikipedia has. Took a rather ugly hack on my template among other things… but it’s neat. You can use it to add some simple wiki syntax.

The video embedding tool can now embed more than just YouTube videos. A bunch of other services including Vimeo are also supported now.

I re-did the feed reader tool too, from the scratch. Now you can display both RSS and Atom feeds on the wiki pages, including the descriptions. And the way it shows up on the page can be customized too.

And of course my favorite new tool which is not even a real extension [it’s more of a template hack], is a very small and simple syntax that allows you to hide a section of the page, and show it with a click on a link. This is specially useful since sometimes a wiki page can get very very long, and if there are a ton of videos posted to a page for instance, it’s better if the entire content of the page doesn’t show up at once. I also did consider having a "next page” option… in fact that’s what I did first. But then that was too bloggie… and I wanted all the sections of the page to be there at the first look, and just hide the content. So this looks like the best solution, and works perfectly now. =)

There’s a ton of more new features.. and you can check out Verse’s help page for a more complete list of what tools are available now. ;)

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