Sunday, February 28, 2010
Win7 & Multiple Desktops

Multiple desktops on Windows is something that I've wanted [well more like needed] for pretty much ever. Well actually what I really want is an all connected scrollable cc817881.desktops2(en-us,MSDN.10)[1] workspace, but getting my hands on an app that does this, has proven even more difficult than something for multiple desktops. There is only a single working application out there that creates a scrollable workspace on Win, and it's way too old. Doesn't really work on Win7 at all. I had come across virtual desktop apps that create multiple workspaces in the past, but that was long time ago and I didn't really like what I saw then. So recently, I started searching again.... And here's my findings:

Lets just say that to my experience, out of the bazillion virtual desktop apps out there, and I mean including the free and commercial ones both, I've only found 1 that works on a 64-bit Win7. The application is called "Desktops", it's free, and it's available through Microsoft TechNet. It gives you 4 desktops that can be reached via shortcut keys or the tray icon. It has some limitations, including the fact that Aero style only runs on the main desktop, and you cant drag application windows from one desktop to the other, and a few other small issues. But at least it works, it's NOT buggy at all and it uses a rather negligible amount of memory and other system resources.

So for the moment, this is what I'm going to be using.. until either me or one of you finds something better. You can download the app here.

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