Monday, February 22, 2010
Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

"They weren't you, honey!" =D

From my list of belated movies to watch, last night I finally got to see the latest IndianaIndiana_Jones_-_The_Kingdom_Of_The_Crystal_Skull__XVID___2008_-fanart2[1] Jones movie. And boy oh boy did I enjoy it! =D Having been a huge [and do I mean HUUUGE] fan of Indi for my entire childhood [including now =D], I was worried that this new one was going to not reach up to my expectations and let me down. Well, it did no such thing! I LUUUUUUUVED it!

I really liked the general character reunion, and all the pointers to the past adventures. It was aaaaaaaaaaaaawesome to see "Marion Ravenwood" againe. =D The cute and goofy humour of the movie was great. I also totally loved the plot for this one. I guess it was about time Indi finally met with aliens from other dimensions, right? And of course it had to happen either in Atlantis or Eldorado. I mean do you know of any more appropriate place? ;)

I'm sure glad to see Indi's son has turned out to be as much of a bad-arse as himself. ;) That also makes me wonder, is it possible that there are now going to be sequels with new adventures for the son?? I would sort of dig that! =D I suppose my movie-buff friends would probably have an answer for that already.... ;)


P.S.: I suppose I should also mention that last week I finally watched "The Dark Knight". Seeing how I haven't posted anything about it, I guess you can tell exactly how impressed [↓] I feel by it. ;)

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