Friday, January 27, 2012
Yes, I Am Ambidextrous

Sometimes when you grow up with something as a constant in your life, you get so used to it that you end up not finding it in any way interesting or significant anymore. Then, it takes a bunch of googly eyed surprised people to remind you that this "Thing" is in fact not terribly common.

The larger part of the human population is right-handed [and in general right-sided], the smaller part is left handed/sided. And then there's the negligibly tiny fraction of the population who are both, aka ambidextrous. Natural ambidexterity is extremely rare. Most people who seem ambidextrous are left handed people who due to various circumstances have learned to write with their right hands. People who are naturally ambidextrous can use their hands/feet/body in general with the same comfort on both sides. So yes, it's not usual but it exists.

Every once in a while [a couple of days ago this time] someone catches me in the act, wondering, for instance, why it is that the piece of paper that's been in front of me the whole time looks it was written on by 2 different people. And then I have to explain that it's because the my left hand's handwriting is completely different from my right hand's. [Which is why I have to be careful not to switch hands in the middle of writing an exam or a legal document!] And then comes the big surprise, and the googly eyes.

So yes, ambidexterity exists. It's rare, but it's here... not a myth. I've been naturally ambidextrous since childhood. I write, fence, eat, catch a ball and do just about anything else with both my hands the same way [without need for any special practice] and the same applies to my feet and body in general. I can also write with both my hands, at the same time, in different languages. [On the downside: I have two handwritings and they can both make your eyes hurt.]

I however don't know anyone other than myself with this condition and I would like to. For instance I would like to know if other ambidextrous people have the same handwriting issue! So if you're reading this, and you are one, please do let me know. =)

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