Friday, January 11, 2013
Webilea # 10

Yes, [Dennis! =P] I did go to the Webilea event in Basel on Wednesday [and don't even ask me how I was in Basel on that day...]. I didn't write about it because I'm not sure what to say, haven't quite developed an opinion. It's entirely possible that I was way too distracted and mentally busy on that day...

At any rate, I found the topics interesting and the presenters knowledgeable. The venue was nice and the food was great. ;) However I also felt that the presenters may not have been terrible well prepared. Also it might have been more interesting [at least to me] if there would have been fewer presentations, but a more in-depth representation of each topic would have been provided. As it was, it felt to much of a "cram" to me.

Anyone I know planning on going to the next one?

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