Friday, March 15, 2013
Google Reader Shutting Down… Grrrrrrr…..

<vexed rant>

Seriously Google, what in the bloody hell?

It's not just that Google launches projects with half-baked concepts, gathers a small user RIP-google-reader-300x300[1]group, and then discontinues the service hanging the users to dry. But it's also that Google launches a good, useful, well developed service, throughout the years gathers a large number of users, and then out of the blue decides to shut the service down and make the lives of all these users complicated. =(

It wasn't just that they recently discontinued Friend Connect that me and some of my friends were actually using. It wasn't just that they disabled my G+ profile and therefore half of my Google services because they thought my name wasn't "real". Now they're going to shut down Google reader, which is probably the single web service that I use more than any others [with exception of my stuff on my own domain]. I'm angry, I'm furious, I'm exasperated, and I'm not the only one.

I've exported my feeds, and I've found a couple of possible replacements. Feedly is the one I've switched to as of last night. The Chrome version looks good and the Android version looks great. And still, there's so much they don't do, compared to GReader.

Ask me again why I don't like Google.


</vexed rant>

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