Thursday, February 07, 2013
First Zurich .NET Developers event - Windows 8 development with MVVM Light

On Tuesday evening I attended the "Zürich .NET Developers" very first event, with the topic of "Windows 8 development with MVVM Light", at the Microsoft Zürich building. I had a bit of a misfortune, or perhaps miscalculation getting there, as it started to wet-snow pretty heavily just before I got to the Wallisellen train station, and the 5 minute walk between the station and the MS building was quite sufficient for me to get thoroughly soaked. When I got to the door I was dripping, and the first thing I said to the gentleman who opened the door on me was "is there a bathroom here somewhere?". =)

But once I managed to get myself dry and comfortable, all was great. Laurent Bugnion gave a rather thorough and pretty interesting presentation about MVVM, as well as a nice demo of some of the cool features available for .NET development, on Windows 8. I might not be a fan of Windows 8 itself... well.... at all, but I'm definitely interested those development goodies.

Oh, and a friend just sent me these.... You can probably spot me in there. =P [Click for high-res.]

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