Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Carmen's Painting Exhibition

This afternoon, after a couple of super-hectic weeks, I [+fiend of mine] finally found the chance to visit Carmen's painting exhibition in Reinach, Basel. =) It's a really lovely collection of paintings [the colours are very special], and I really enjoyed being able to look at Carmen's works up close. So for anyone who enjoys looking at beautiful paintings, I recommend checking the exhibition out.

You can find the information and address here, and you may have to hurry since the exhibition is only 'till July the 5th. The place is not difficult to get to via public transport [Tram], just make sure not to get off the tram too early as the SBB website suggests, instead get off at "Landererstrasse" as the exhibition flyer suggests. 

And you can view a few more pictures here.



Ahoo "Aasemoon" Pirsoleimani, 1998-2014