Thursday, August 29, 2013
The 38th Winterthur Music Week

A couple of weeks ago there was this years "Winterthurer Musikfestwochen", which I attended for the first time. For some good 10 days there was fantastic open-air concerts in a couple of different venues in Winterthur, a total of 5 – 7 performances every day. I was there with friends as often as I could, and really enjoyed some truly awesome concerts. Here's some of my favourite performances of this year. I must add it's now easier to decide that since I've had time to listen to their albums… =)

Portico Quartet. Modern/Electro Jazz band from the UK. I have no idea how I had not listened to these guys before… I listen to their style/genre rather often, and I seem to know most of their "related" artists. In Wintethur I heard them for the first time, and I had my mind blown. I really truly LUVED their performance, and the guy on Contra Bass took my breath away. I've been listening to their albums since… far too much probably…. ;) [More pictures here.]



Wilber Calver and his Afro Cuban Celtic orchestra. Can you imagine that? Yes, a mix of Cuban Music and Celtic bagpipes! This is definitely among the most creative fusion music that I've heard in my life, and I really enjoyed the performance. I've also been listening to their albums since. [More pictures here.]


Hathors. High energy rock band from Winthertur, Switzerland. These guys shook the venue really. =) Also a first encounter for me, and quite an enjoyable one. [More pictures here.]


Daniel Norgren. Blues/Folk band from Sweden. Great music, great performance, great talent… And then of course at some point during the performance the guy ripped a guitar string, which he actually managed to replace without even stopping the performance! The song continued, probably a little longer than it should have been [;)], with their singing and the drums and the contra bass. And by the end of it, the guitar string was replaced and tuned. =) Way to go confidence! [More pictures here]


So these were my favourites, but there were many more great performances that we attended. Moop Mama, Luca Little, Min King, and many more…..




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