Wednesday, December 18, 2013
3D Hubs Zurich

Recently I attended the launch event for "3D Hubs" in Zurich. I really didn't know anything about the service before that event, but I had in fact been wondering if such service exists. There are people with 3D printers, there are people who need something printed, it would be great if something connects them all to each other. And "3D Hubs" does exactly that. Check it out!

Also, there were some rather amazing printed items to see at the event. Here's some examples:

This glove was entirely 3D printed, all the links together!

DSC04266[1]The brown one was printed out of PLA filament containing wood dust. It actually smells and feels like wood!

Transparent PLA!

Pretty stuff! =P

Inside looks a lot like a real analogue camera!

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