Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last month I started having some really sneaky hardware issues on my main machine, which kept escalating and eventually I ended up consulting a friend of mine who, let's just say,  has a thing or two to do with the VAIO line.

Aside from discussing solutions to the peculiar problems at hand, naturally it also occurred to me that I may have to replace my main machine in some not too far away point in the future. So I asked him what would VAIO have for me. And then he did a double take, stammered a bit, and said something like "uhmm, well, uhh, I thought you knew… VAIO isn't there anymore, at least not the VAIO we knew". To which I nearly yelled back "well I guess I don't receive the internal memos anymore".

Argh. Thought it was a bad joke. Turned out it wasn't.

What the hell? Well, it turns out Sony has officially had it with the PC business, and has sold the VAIO line to a Japanese firm that is now developing it into a standalone brand. They're going to continue producing VAIO PCs, but well obviously they'll have nothing to do with Sony anymore and at least for the moment they'll also not be available anywhere outside of Japan. Well, *sigh*.

So that was that, and since then I've been looking into what I might what I might want to get next. This has also been the topic of discussion with friends and colleagues, and well, it looks like the absence of VAIO is leaving a real hole in the notebook market. Simply put, there's nothing out there with even so much as comparable quality. And that is the state I am in right now, no idea what to get next. I need something powerful, slim, with high quality long lasting hardware. Suggestions?

P.S.: Is it really ridiculous that I feel horrible that I can't get VAIOs anymore? =( I basically never had a notebook that wasn't VAIO!


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