Saturday, December 17, 2005
Back Here @ Last...

Back when I started "blogging" there were no such thingz as "blogs" in existence yet. My first online journal was a plain simple HTML page which would take forever to load since it contained kilometers of text. Later on I tried using a database...creating my own elementary "blog system"... wasn't too bad. But then came blogger which I didn't find out about till 2002. That'z when I got this blog. It just made life easier. I wrote here for a short while but then "Persian Blog" happened and since it seemed a little bit easier to use @ that time, I moved there. Plus I'm Persian... well.... "Persian Blog" sounded kind of kool. Little did I know that was the biggest mistake I could make. It'z almost 2006 now and Persian Blog has somehow managed to only go backwards through time, meaning that the service has only gotten worse. It takes forever to publish and [ok forget it I'm not even gonna start...] and hey, the biggest online Persian society does not even offer any kind of Syndication System. Still, I was trying to be faithful to the Persian Blog so I stayed there for as long as I could... but it finally managed to drive me out. It'z been months now that my blog has had a publishing problem, it shows some FTP error that is impossible for me to solve and the people in charge don't seem to have any interest in solving it either, no matter how many emailz I've sent them. So... I ended up moving back here. It seemz that blogger has actually became a lot kooler since the last time I checked.... so I think I'm gonna be here for quite a while this time.

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