Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Second Demo Display [Report In Progress, Part 5 Posted]

Yes, thank you Satori, this is where the fight started. The crowd got divided to 2 clear groups, the ones who completely loved the Satori demos and the ones who completely hated them. No in-betweens what-so-ever. Given that 2 Satori demos were shown you can probably guess that I'm a big fan. And I have to confess that watching people arguing deep over DE:TOX and Circulation was fun to no end. >:) Total chaos took over. Some of the negative comments [specially around DE:TOX]: No content, no concept, horrible music, artless, meaningless, nerve racking, get the picture. And of course some of the positive comments: Awesome visuals [for Circulation], Satori rules, DE:TOX kicks it hard, great music and great visuals for both, and hey, I even heard "great concepts for both"! :D How about that? I also heard a lot of people saying that they "didn't get it", or "you didn't like it because you didn't get it". What I'm thinking right now is "define getting it". What does it mean to get it anyway? Does it mean that you have to know exactly what the artist was thinking, in order to enjoy the art? Or can you just enjoy [or disenjoy for that matter] whatever it is that the piece of art makes you feel? In any case, this was definitely one of the most heated up parts of the show. :)
195/95 by Plastic [which apparently has a final version made by rgba.....or correct me if you can!] was exactly what we needed to calm the chaotic mood down after the Satori war. The uber eye/ear candy did a nice job settling the differences. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the show once more. Some wanted to know the name of the dancing creature. Some sort of a fairy I think?!
Arise by Stravaganza again divided the crowd to 2 parts: people who liked the demo, and people who went absolutely crazy about it! Arise proved to have all that it takes to make everyone happy. Graphics, music, everything's great. But then, there's a specific group of people who might enjoy this demo even more than the rest. A group that includes myself. Anyone who's ever had something to do with building a robot probably knows what I'm talking about. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THAT ANDROID IS AWESOME! Yup, my fellow electrical engeez and robot builders were in total frenzy during this one. Thank you Stravaganza for the pretty android. Resistance is absolutely futile.
Next came the Dooms Day fun pack Legomania. This super cute demo managed to bring a wide smile to everyone's faces! :) Apparently we had a lot of Lego fanatics in the crowd [again including myself] who were more than thrilled to see this one. The scenario for each of the Lego brothers was marvelous; specially the Matrix section seemed to have a lot of fans. The happy upbeat music was certainly a bonus. I have to mention this again, this is definitely one of the cuuuuuuuutest demos I've seen so far. :)
Fly fly brother red, close to home you will get,
Boost boost more speed, just another sci-fi geek!
Swim swim brother green, where have you been?
Smile smile don't frown, or you might suddenly drawn! [Hahaha :D]
We are not like the others, we are the famous Lego brothers,
Brother red green and blue, sticking together like glue,
Drive drive brother blue, keep your hat on, don't catch the flue,
Faster faster, keep the motor running, brick walls are very stunning! [ROFLz :D]

And of course some screen-shots as per request:

Stay tuned, cause we have another controversial crowd splitting demo to discuss next.

Update: Check out amv's comment regarding the 195/95 demo. :)

Update: Check aMUSiC's comment regarding Dragonil, on the previous post. :)

[End of part 5]



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