Wednesday, March 04, 2009
Windows Live Writer <3

I just have to quickly mention here that I’ve been using Windows Live Writer for a few weeks now, and so far it has managed to impress the universe out of me.

It all started with WLM 9, and all it’s fancy new features. Groups, personalized layouts and everything else new. Since I was impressed with that one, I decided to give Windows Live Mail a try… which turned out to be a total YES. Windows Live Mail is basically Outlook Express evolved! Some great new features and hey, what can I say, I have a weakness for eye candy. ;)

So then I decided to look into the package again, and this time I picked Windows Live Writer for a trial, and I’m certainly glad I did. Blogging made easy! WLR connects to all my blogs on different apps, [including Blogger, Wordpress and Serendipity] and makes it much easier to post articles, edit articles and organize my online writing in general. It has quick options for inserting tags, pictures, videos and etc, and interesting enough the publishing takes just about 2 seconds! It’s also very neat that it recognizes my blog template images, so unlike when I’m using the web-based editors, I’m actually writing on my template and not a white empty editor [so I can see what the final result looks like as I’m writing!]. And this is just very few of the cool features it has… there’s much more to be said about WLW. If you’re a blogger reading this, make sure you give it a try! ;)

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