Friday, October 02, 2009
ComicRack Rulezz!

As I’m certain I’ve mentioned a good bazillion times before, I read a lot of e-comics, and own a terribly large load of them. Most of my e-comics are in CBZ/CBR formats due to my pickiness regarding image quality, and I do have a small number of PDF ones too.

For a very long time I was using CDisplay to view / read comics. A light and small app that basically does nothing but displaying the images inside a CBZ/CBR archive. Nothing else. CDisplay is currently the most popular and widely used tool for viewing e-comics, and the few other more or less well known apps for the purpose are pretty much exactly the same. Nothing kool really. And if if wasn’t for my curious nature I’d probably still be using the boring app, except, well, it bored the heavens out of me and I decided to finally find a replacement.

After a great deal of digging and testing of nearly all the available tools, I can now say with confidence that I’ve found the koolest comic viewing application currently in existence, and it’s called ComicRack. You could say that ComicRack is something like iTunes for e-comics. It allows you to create an e-comics library with lists and categories, and can show a very neat preview of each comic’s cover. And that’s just the beginning… there’s tons of awesomely useful features to explore, and with all of that, the app is still a free one. So, well, safe to say that I’m totally in love with ComicRack now. So e-comic-ies… check it out! ;)

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