Tuesday, November 17, 2009
@ Iran: Shiraz

From November 10th to 14th, we had a short trip to Shiraz. Yeah yeah, I know, it’s ridiculous number of days for a city that marvelous, but.. well… it’s complicated. I couldn’t stay there any more than that.. mainly due to the fact that I still have much more to do in Tehran, and I also want to spend a week in the Kish island…

It was a nice, complicated and eventful 4.5 days. I finally had the chance to meet my aunt [father’s sister] and my cousin [Katy] for the fist time. We had a nice time with them.. and my aunt showed me a large load of old family photos that I had never seen the like of, before. It felt as if I was getting to know a part of myself that I had never known anything about… a family I never actually had.

We stayed at Pooneh’s place [other side cousin] like the old days… and we had some good fun with her and Golnar and Kaveh [her kids]. We paid a visit to the Vakil Bazaar where I took another really large load of photos, had a picnic in Chaasorkh, had very original Persian Kabab in a classic Persian restaurant called “Sharzeh”, and had a great little party with friends too [dancing… dancing… dancing… ;)]. Oh, and I did some shopping too….. ;)

And now I’m back to Tehran. =) Yesterday evening I was out with TanTan again, did some souvenir shopping and had a great shrimp pasta in a pizza place called “Aared”. And today… today was fantastic, I met my great old friend Jinous after 6 bloody years. It was fantastic seeing her again… we had a lovely evening. =) She’s just marvelous… <3


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