Monday, December 28, 2009
@ Iran: Kish Island

Well, given I don’t have any sort of access to the internet at the moment, I just write this now and hopefully post it later… =P

So we spent 7 days on the Kish island, and I think I could have spent another 2 or 3 weeks in there and still would not have had enough time to do all I wanted to do… Kish is a small island, but there’s a lot of nice places to see and fun things to do in it. Just walking around the island on the shore is something that I never get enough of. And the sea shells there have the most amazing colours…

The last time I was on this island it was about 10 years ago. Much has changed since then. There’s been a lot of improvement in terms of living conditions, and tourist attractions both. Some of the more unknown parts of the island including the historical sights and the natural beauties are being paid much more attention to, and that has had some positive and negative results both. It’s good that more people are getting to really know the island, but then the government has unfortunately done a very efficient job completely destroying the natural beauty of some of these parts. For instance, the part of the shore called "The Greek Ship” [because of the ancient Greek Ship that’s been stuck in there for hundreds of years now!], used to be an amazingly beautiful spot to watch the sunset of the island from. And that was all due to the natural formation of the rocks on there, and the whole ancient feeling about the place. Except none of that remains now. The government has made a “park” in there… something completely fake… horrible, ugly!

Another instance of a really shameful destruction of the island attractions, is what they’ve done to the “Green Tree”. This tall and huge tree is a few hundred years old, and it’s braches used to come down from the top all the way to the ground around it.. beautiful scene it was. Well guess what…. they’ve cut off all of those old tall branches, leaving the tree completely naked. I mean, how low on IQ can some people possibly be? This has been a true crime in my opinion….

There’s a ton of new shopping malls on the island, as well as new hotels and sports centers. The air is fresh and clean, which is the exact opposite of what you get in Tehran, and there’s no traffic. Well, I guess  I better leave the rest of the describing to be done through my rather large collection of photos that I’ve taken there. Will upload soon…. ;)

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