Saturday, February 13, 2010
Buzz: Oops Goog did it AGAIN! xP

Oh come on! I mean... seriously? You have got to be joking! NoGwitter

For the life of me, I cannot believe how fast Google is jumping from one useless project to the next! It feels as if it was just yesterday when Google gave us all a not so sweet surprise with the half baked and hardly usable Google Wave. Now here they go again, this time with the Gwitter. How many of the same thing do we need anyway?

There's about 50-billion micro blogging services out there right now, but of course Google has found a way to make the Gwitter stand out. You know what it is that all the rest of those services are missing? Well, they DON'T SUDDENLY MAKE YOUR PERSONAL DATA INTO PUBLIC DATA!! Haha, oh yes! Google's new ridiculous Twitter clone is the only one out there to have a security hole / privacy breach of such magnitude! Upon activating Da Fuzz on your Google account, your connections list is the first to go public, followed by another load of data apparently. And even though you have the option to change that, the default makes your connections list and other pieces of data public without actually asking / waning you.

Of course at the first glance you may not notice the gravity of the situation.. in that case, I suggest you read this pleasantly straight forward article, nicely titled "F*ck You Google", and you'll suddenly get a better view of exactly what's going on.

So, we have a brand new Google service, that doesn't do anything new, doesn't look anything particularly appealing, doesn't involve any sort of innovation in anything except for magnificently breaching your privacy, and yet, people are, and will be, using it. Yay to the brave new world!

Cheers! =)

Update: Thanks to my good friend Knarfoo for sharing this interesting article. Another good description of the current state of Gwitter.

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