Tuesday, February 02, 2010
Grammy Awards 2010

Oh... boy oh boy.... I'm about to make myself a few enemies....

Given the kind of relationship that I have with music, I often get asked a lot of music related question... "How do you like this singer? How do you like that album? What do you think of blabla's latest track? What's your current favourite?" and... you get the picture. So in the past couple of days, quite a few people asked me what I thought of this year's Grammy Awards. And I said... "let me think about it a bit, I'll tell you...". Mainly because I just wanted to have enough time to "defuse" first, before saying something that would possibly offend anyone. But it looks like no matter how much time passes, my opinion on this does not, at all, change. So I may as well say it... I'm sorry if I'm offending anyone's opinions, I absolutely do not mean to... this is JUST my personal opinion.

So here's what I think... I think that the day this year's Grammy winners [with the exception of perhaps 1 or 2] win the Grammy Award, is the day I stop watching Grammy. Permanently. Good music has officially left the world's popular music scene. [Again, with a few exceptions... too few I'm afraid.] And that about sums it up.

Of course good music still very much exists... but you have to dig pretty deep and pretty hard to find it. And for the larger part, it's NOT on the shelves of the music stores. And even if it is, it nearly never wins any awards. Can anyone tell me, when the last time was that Mike Oldfield won any awards? [Well as far as I know it was 1975 Grammies. He has released a gazillion albums since then.] And how about Amethystium? And how about Craig Armstrong? And how about all the ingenious "Creative Commons" musicians? Who's supporting those?

Would it have been up to me, this year's Grammy Awards would have gone to: Sleepthief, SinQ, Brian Culbertson, aMUSiC, Röyksopp, Massive Attack, Keiko Matsui, Mosaik, Brian Tyler, Schiller, and may more....

So now I'm going to go and enjoy listening to SinQ's "Hyperism" series... ingenious electronic music....

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