Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Avatar : I Cried A River!


So as usual I'm pretty late to the whole movie gig, but oh well, I guess it's better late than never eh? Specially when it comes to a movie such as this.. I couldn't possibly miss this one. =)

So we went to see Avatar last night... and I can't begin to put into words how impressed and moved I am by this movie. Would you have seen me in the theatre though, you'd have been able to tell for yourself. Specially if you would touch the scarf around my neck... lets just say that if was completely wet. I had tears all over my face for the bigger half of the movie. So much beauty, so much emotions... ahhhh.... [And I have to add, it wasn't just me.. the company was weeping too! ;) ]

This movie sends so many deeply meaningful messages through. There's so much to think about here. And I have to admit, even though I knew I was watching a movie and not something real, there were times that I just wanted to explode with emotions. I couldn't help totally falling in love with the "Na'vi" people.  And there were times I really wanted to punch that sodding "Colonel Miles Quaritch" hard enough in the jaw to completely redecorate his face. And guess what... finally someone managed to picture a race of alien beings that are in fact prettier than humans. Much prettier that is. =D I mean.... oh man.... BLUE..... =D ;)

Now I'm going to wait for the Blu-ray, and the soundtrack CD. It's certainly a completely different experience when you're watching it on IMAX 3D, and feeling like the tree branch is about to splash you in the face... but the Blu-ray would still be quite welcome, and better than nothing. ;) But what I really wish for, is a couple [or more] of sequels. Not that it seems very likely at all...but it's still ok to wish for it, right? =P

Aaaaaaahhhhh..... So dreamy.......

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